Live presentation "Beyond Peaceful Parenting" on stage in Acapulco Mexico.

Peaceful Parenting University
Equipping parents with the principles of peaceful parenting and practical training to implement them
Monthly Parenting Workshops - where you can get your parenting questioned answered so that you don't have to try 100s of different ideas to find one that works in your family.
Video courses to share key ideas on applying principles into parenting so that you can spend more time ENJOYING your family. 
One on One consulting - Skype calls to get your specific questions answered so that you can remove situations where you feel like you have to say, "Because I Said So" and experience happiness in the virtue of maintaining the peace in peaceful parenting.

Early Access Sale: For a limited time, Peaceful Parenting University is offering discounted memberships for only $20 / month.

While content is being generated and courses are being created. Peaceful Parenting University is offering a lifetime discount to early adopters who want to level up their parenting skills.

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Meet the instructor
Patrick Smith is a peaceful parenting unschooling father of three and a husband to his wife Lana. Through many trials and much thought, he has developed a framework for parenting by using philosophy. He teaches peaceful parents what to do rather than what not to do.

He is a technology entrepreneur. He lives for the competition and freedom of capitalism. He is also a philosopher, which he would tell you is just a fancy word for someone that is annoyed by inconsistency and loves a good debate seeking truth.